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Kenya Traffic Integrated Management System (TIMS) Project

TIMS is short for Traffic Integrated Management System, a system developed for Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and a metropolis in East Africa. The system covers seven major modules, i.e., Motor Vehicle Registration, Driver Testing and Licensing, Motor Vehicle Inspection Management, Public Services Vehicles (PSV) Management, Enforcement, Reporting and Business Intelligence and Citizen Self-Service Portal. The various modules are interconnected and coordinated with each other to solve the difficulty and non-standardization problems in vehicle and driver management business in Kenya and shorten the time for handling of related businesses.

Product Series

午夜福利免费院 Motor Vehicle Registration Module

Driver Testing and Licensing Module

午夜福利免费院 Motor Vehicle Inspection Management Module

TLB/PSV Management Module

Enforcement Module

午夜福利免费院 Reporting and Business Intelligence Module

Citizen Self-Service Portal

Product Functions

Citizen Self-Service Portal

Online vehicle information inquiry, motor vehicle registration, renewal, transfer

Online driver's license information inquiry, driver's license test booking

Online vehicle inspection information inquiry, vehicle inspection booking

Online vehicle violation information inquiry, PSV route inquiry…

Motor Vehicle Registration

Motor vehicle registration management, change of particulars management, vehicle ownership transfer management, vehicle registration certificate management

Vehicle de-registration management, duplicate number plate management, problematic vehicle management, dealer management

Foreign vehicle management, document collection and issuance management, ownership management, document scanning and printing management, cost management…

Motor Vehicle Inspection Management

Vehicle inspection booking management, new vehicle inspection management, roadworthiness inspection management

午夜福利免费院 Inspection change management, accident inspection management, roadside inspection management

Vehicle inspection report management, sticker management…

Driver Testing and Licensing

Test center management, driving school management, driver physiological information management, driver results management

Driving license management, PSV driver badge management, PSV conductor badge management

午夜福利免费院 Driving license renewal management, driving class endorsement management, duplicate driving license management, direct replacement management

午夜福利免费院 Driving license information change management, driving license document management, driving license deregistration management, driving license points management…

TLB/PSV Management

SACCO/Company management, driver management, conductor management, PSV information management

RSL road service license application management, road service license renewal management

Short-term license application management, license inquiry management, license printing management

午夜福利免费院 Licensing management, badge management…


Violation information collection management, violation information review management, court information management

Detained vehicle management, detained driving license management, accident collection management…

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Vehicle registration and statistical analysis, vehicle deregistration data and cause analysis, statistical analysis of dealers

Statistical analysis of motor vehicle inspection results, statistical analysis of vehicle inspection centers

午夜福利免费院Statistical analysis ofnew driving license, statistical analysis of driving test

PSV registration analysis, statistical analysis of road service license

Statistical analysis of vehicles violation, statistical analysis of traffic accidents on a year-on-year basis…

TIMS Screenshot

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