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With rapid growth of car ownership and continuous deepening of the national ITS construction, urban and inter-regional traffic is faced with many problems such as heavy traffic pressure, rapidly changing traffic conditions, various types and large number of monitoring equipment connected, islanding of traffic data of various departments and the citizens’ demand for timely and accurate traffic information services. With its integrated management and control platform, the traffic management command center can accurately grasp the road traffic conditions in a timely manner to establish an efficient traffic management and control system, further to change the passive traffic control to active and rapid action, from rushing management to effect-enduring management, from disperse duty to centralized control, from extensive management to precise management, from relying on data island to data fusion and multi-sectoral collaboration, from passive collection of traffic information to active receiving and distribution of traffic information, thus realizing modernized traffic management and providing a good traffic environment for rapid and healthy urban and regional development. See the photos below:

1. Preliminarily construct efficient management and control system

The traffic signal control system, traffic information collection system and traffic guidance system originally applied in a distributed way are integrated into an organic whole so as to integrate distributed traffic control system resources and realize the intelligent traffic management process, including traffic information front-end collection, processing and distribution & application, thus preliminarily realizing integration of the urban road intelligent traffic management system.

午夜福利免费院 2.Reduce difficulty in use through visualization

午夜福利免费院 The process of traffic information collection, processing and distribution involves multiple application systems and requires users to memorize a large number of control parameters in the everyday traffic control process. With the basic system of GIS and through visualization application, it can help users handle matters in the everyday traffic control business.

3. Initiative action and effect-enduring mechanism construction

By realizing the closed cycle of daily management, program base building, program base optimization and program re-application, it has scientifically and effectively accumulated traffic control experience applicable to the actual situation. At the same time, it has changed the original way of passive detection and handling of problems to find and address the traffic problems in an active way through construction and application of program base.

4. Improve the efficiency through centralized command

Reduce the original problems of repeated dispatching and empty vehicle driving, etc. by quickly and succinctly dispatching vehicles and police on duty via GIS/GPS to avoid management conflict due to separate control by each unit or the waste of resources due to separate management of traffic signals, traffic flow collection and traffic guidance. Use advanced technology and management methods to promote public security departments to continuously improve the management level.

5.Preliminarily achieve precise management

Through application of the product, perform whole-process tracking, recording and supervision of traffic warning conditions in terms of prevention, detection, access, commanded handling and analysis. Reduce the problems of untimely communication of resource information, staff absence or vacancy during handling.

午夜福利免费院 6. Realize multi-system trans-department data integration and socialized services

午夜福利免费院 Through series data interface services and combining local business needs and history of information construction, realize multi-system or trans-department data integration; and by using traffic guidance, SMS, radio, WeChat and other means, realize traffic information collection and service publishing for the society.

午夜福利免费院 For urban road traffic management, we offer:

午夜福利免费院 Urban Traffic Management Command Center Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management and Control Platform

午夜福利免费院 Won the title of “Scientific and Technological Achievement Promotion Project of Ministry of Public Security”

The necessary platform for integration of urban public security traffic control system.

According to business needs and practical needs of traffic management command center and in order to improve traffic management service level and traffic management and control efficiency, this system comprehensively utilizes a variety of traffic management and control resources and is a integrated traffic information integration system that can provide technical support for improvement of rapid reaction capability in public security traffic control and working efficiency of traffic control center.

The system covers all aspects of intelligent urban traffic management. It mainly includes information collection system, road traffic monitoring system, daily practical business handling system, command and dispatch system, analysis and decision-making system, equipment operation and maintenance monitoring system, information service system and other business functions.

午夜福利免费院 1.Traffic monitoring:

By using video monitoring, event monitoring, electronic police, surveillance camera, network information services and a variety of equipment and technical means and based on standards of Ministry of Public Security for data interaction, perform real-time monitoring over road traffic to collect and grasp information such as traffic conditions, weather, emergencies and traffic control in a timely manner.

2. Daily traffic organization and control:

午夜福利免费院 The system enables viewing of real-time monitoring screen at all intersections through map and grasping of traffic at intersections. Combining information analysis and traffic condition monitoring system, it may ensure smooth and orderly traffic. The system has video surveillance, signal control, video inspection and other functions and can realize flat management, map maneuver, online patrolling control and resources sharing to improve working efficiency and control performance.

3. Integrated command and dispatch:

午夜福利免费院 On the basis of the traffic condition, video detection and monitoring, signal control system, guidance system, GPS system for police and police affair system, the integrated command and dispatch application may realize GIS-based unified management of dispatching information, a number of business operations on the same platform, and cooperation and linkage between systems and intelligent traffic command and dispatching. Its main functions include public security event reporting & registration, event handling, event tracking, emergency plan management, police resources monitoring and dispatching, suspect vehicle inspection and surveillance.

4. Information analysis and aid decision-making:

The system performs comprehensive analysis on the traffic flow, traffic violations, traffic accidents and other data accumulated in traffic operations to explore the internal relations among the data and vividly show the relations on GIS and visualized chart so as to provide basis for the traffic management decision-making level in decision making for optimal arrangement programs of traffic organization, police deployment and other aspects.

午夜福利免费院 5. Basic information management and equipment operation and maintenance management:

午夜福利免费院 Through management of roads, equipment, police resources, police agencies and other objects involved in businesses, the system may detect and resolve the failure of the various information systems of traffic command center and field traffic monitoring equipment at an early time to ensure continuous, reliable and safe operation of the computer system, network and application, reduce the possibility of failure, improve system operation management level and service safeguarding capacity of the center so as to provide efficient and personal service for the related operation services.

午夜福利免费院 6. Socialized services:

午夜福利免费院 By using traffic guidance, SMS, radio, WeChat and other means, realize traffic information acquisition and distribution services for the society and expand access to traffic information and traffic information service means for the public.

午夜福利免费院 For trans-department road traffic management, we will offer:

午夜福利免费院 1. Stable data exchange system:

Through Keli data exchange middleware, realize integration of a variety of traffic management data, integration of dynamic and static traffic information and function integration of intelligent traffic control system, and ensure the independence of each system without affecting the business system of the networking departments; at the same time, a variety of standard protocols can be flexibly adopted while using a unified system data interface so as to connect with various types of systems and devices to the greatest degree, thus reducing the cost with a good scalability.

2. Integrated data display system:

Based on GIS map, the integrated data display system supports COM module or Active X control and utilizes a variety of visualization tools that are integrated with other applications to display relevant traffic business data.

午夜福利免费院 3. Data service system:

午夜福利免费院 With data interface defined by specifications, provide various forms of data services to the outside to enable trans-departmental fused data to be utilized more effectively.

For inter-regional traffic monitoring and management, we offer:

1. Display system based on the expressway and national and provincial highway

By integrating expressway and national & provincial highway information, lane information, traffic hub information and combining regional GIS maps, display inter-regional road conditions through visualized tools. Grasp real-time regional traffic and weather conditions on the roads with surveillance camera, speed detector and other devices and perform corresponding rendering and early warning on the map.

2. Event receiving and reporting system with telephone, Internet and various other means:

Acquire road traffic accidents and incidents in a timely manner through alarm calls and network data interaction, and mark and display in the system.

午夜福利免费院 3. Commanding & dispatching and service management system:

Relying on traffic conditions, police car GPS system and electronic sand table plan, integrated commanding and dispatching system commands police to rapidly handle traffic accidents, traffic congestion and traffic violations. The service management system has service scheduling, service area, police on duty, service evaluation, service statistics and other functions to perform daily management of police resources.

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